Can a vinyl liner pool be converted to a gunite pool

Can a vinyl liner pool be converted to gunite? Yes, you can do this. However, it’s not as much of a conversion as you might think. Essentially, all you would be left with from a vinyl liner pool is a hole in the ground. And that whole, technically speaking, isn’t even the right shape for a concrete pool. So you might still need to rent excavation equipment to excavate the hole to a different shape.

So a vinyl liner pool owner might be hopeful in thinking, “Hey, I’ve already got a pool. Can we just convert it over? Is it going to cost… Can I save a bunch of money versus installation of a new gunite pool?” And the reality is no. It’s almost the exact same price to install a new gunite pool as it would be to convert an old vinyl liner pool to gunite. And in a worst case scenario, you actually could end up spending the entire cost to install a new gunite pool, plus the cost to remove most of a vinyl liner pool because most of it is just not reusable in the structure of a new concrete pool.

If you need help converting your vinyl liner pool to a gunite pool give Polo Pools a call.


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