How high can the chlorine level in a swimming pool be

Pool Maintenance

How high can the chlorine level in a swimming pool be, and it still be safe to swim? Well, we can only answer this question based upon what I would do in that situation. And it’s important to understand that different people have different levels of sensitivity for things like high chlorine levels in pools. Typically speaking, people with fair skin and fair hair, tend to react poorly with high pH, low pH, high levels of chlorine, things like that.

If it was hot outside, and I really wanted to go swimming, but the pool would as eight parts per million of free chlorine, if it looked good otherwise, and all the other variables were within the right range, I would probably still go swimming. And I definitely wouldn’t open my eyes underwater. You might experience a little bit of dry and itchy skin afterward. That wouldn’t be that uncommon. But I wouldn’t necessarily perceive that as dangerous.

But if you are coming to the table saying, “Well, my pools 20 parts per million of chlorine. Should still be good, right?” Well, it depends. Are you trying to bleach your hair, because you might effectively do that? I would consider 20 parts per million way too much. It’s just not worth the risk, even if you’re not opening your eyes underwater. There’s so much chlorine in that water, that it’s going to be venting off. It’ll be even hard to breathe around it, when you’re right above the surface of the water level. So I would say, that five to 10 range is a normal upper tolerance range for what I consider to be safe.


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